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Shoyoen Japanese Gardens
Dubbo, Central West NSW Australia
"As each cherry blossom opens in the springtime
so shall our friendship and understanding grow"
The Shoyoen Sister City Garden was a gift from Dubbo’s Sister City Minokamo in Japan.
The history and concept of the garden began in 1998.  Excavation work started in March 2002 and the garden was opened on the 23rd November 2002 - the 153rd anniversary of the founding of Dubbo and 13 years after the establishment of 'Sister City relations' between Minokamo and Dubbo.
The Shoyoen Japanese Garden is located -
Elizabeth Park, Coronation Drive, Dubbo, NSW 2830
ph  6801 4000

The garden is open from:
9am to 4pm Monday to Friday
10am to 4.00pm weekends
Closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day

Entry is free.
Shoyoen Sister City Japanese Garden and Jurian Ceremonial Tea House
Authentic Japanese Gardens and Teahouse.
“ We the Council and Citizens of Dubbo on this occasion proclaim our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Council and Citizens of Minokamo for this wonderful living gift.
It shall be our very special honour to nurture and care for this garden as a special reminder of the friendship and understanding that has developed and will continue to grow between our two cities and our two countries.”
'Shoyoen' means 'strolling and refreshing garden'
'Jurian' means 'happiness and long life house'
  • The Pond (ike) - the passage of water from the waterfall or stream to the pond symbolises human existence - birth, growth and death.
  • Living Flowers - within the pond (ike) coloured koi or carp will reside. There are 3 important koi varieties - the Kohaku (white koi with red markings); the Taisho-Sanshoku( white koi with red and black markings); Showa-Sanahoku (black koi with white markings)
  • Wooden Bridges - simple, functional and naturally coloured.
  • The Rock Garden (Karesansui) - the most distinctive type of Japanese garden.  The Rock Garden is designed to represent the mountain ranges and other natural scenery in Japan.
  • Cherry Tree (Sakura) - the cherry blossom is the unofficial national flower of Japan.  The saying goes that if you sit beneath the cherry blossoms, with your picnic, sipping your wine and a cherry blossom falls from the tree into your glass, you will have much good luck.
  • The Cherry tree has a special significance for Dubbo. The man who credited with the founding of Dubbo was Jean Emile Serisier (born in France). It is interesting that the French spelling ‘cerisier’ means cherry tree. This is why the Dubbo Coat of Arms bears a cherry tree.
  • Hands Water (Chouzubachi) - often an integral part of the formal design of the entry.  A basin in which to wash the hands, furnished with a bamboo dipper - to symbolise the act of purification or spiritual ablution in the tea garden.
  • Hand Washing Setting (Tsukubai) - the arrangement of the water basin for the guest to wash their hands before entering the room for the tea ceremony.
  • The Tea Hut (Chakoya) - a simple, plain, natural element.
  • Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) - an aesthetic pastime that features the serving and drinking of macha, a powdered green tea - to purify the soul by becoming one with nature.  The tea ceremony involves the appreciation of the room in which it is held, the garden attached to the room the utensils used in serving the tea and the decor of the setting.
  • Four Eyed Fence (Yotsumegaki) - an essential element of a tea garden and of the Japanese garden.  The four eyed fence (yotsumegaki) is the most typical see-through bamboo fence having an austere elegance and well ordered features.
Shoyoen Japanese Garden - Opening Day ProclamationShoyoen Sister City Japanese GardenShoyoen Garden - The Pond and TeahouseShoyoen Garden - The PondShoyoen Garden - Living Flowers - LotusShoyoen Garden - Living Flowers - Koi or CarpShoyoen Garden - The StreamShoyoen Garden - Wooden BridgeShoyoen Garden - the Rock GardenShoyoen Garden - Hands WaterShoyoen Garden - hand washing settingShoyoen Garden - hand washing settingShoyoen Garden - Tea HouseShoyoen Garden - TeahouseShoyoen Japanese GardenShoyoen Garden - Four Eyed Fence.
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