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: Brocklehurst : Eumungerie : Wongarbon :
: Tomingley : Ballimore : Elong Elong : Toongi :
Dubbo nearby small Towns, Villages and areas of interest
- Central West  NSW
Situated on the Dunedoo Road/Golden Highway.  A rural area  - organic farming, tomatoes.
In it's early days important products to Ballimore were - Wheat, kerosene shale and coal and natural soda water.
Dubbo is surrounded by a number of small towns - picturesque villages in the rural heartland of the Dubbo district.
In the 1880s whilst searching for coal deposits an underground spring - actually artesian water, was discovered.  Since that time a bore with drinkable water has been flowing.  At one point there was a bottling operation and remnants of pipes protruding from the ground are still visible. The bore is about seven kilometres north-east of Ballimore on private property.

Many streets in Ballimore are named after old varieties of the Wheat that was so important to their early economy.
Situated on the Dunedoo Road/Golden Highway, past Ballimore.  Here you will find Murrungundy Pistachios -  a small family farm located at Elong Elong.  1 hour north of Mudgee and 35 minutes from Wellington in the Central West of NSW -
”Murrungundy” Elong Elong  NSW  2831  Australia.  phone 02 6886 6135 - http://www.pistachionut.com.au/
Situated on the Newell Highway between Brocklehurst and Gilgandra this small village evolved from a roadside inn/store known as The Coalbaggie Inn that was established in 1874.  A small settlement grew between 1872 and 1881 as various selectors took up land surrounding the inn.  The original settlement being named after the Inn - Coalbaggie. 
The railway arrived in 1901 and a timber mill opened on the line at Coalbaggie Creek and other development was spurred on. 

The village was dedicated as Eumungerie in 1904 - Eumungerie being and Aboriginal word for quandong, a native peach tree.

Out the Dunedoo Road / Golden Highway
Out the Newell Highway towards Gilgandra
Brocklehurst is five kilometres north of Dubbo on the Newell Highway towards Gilgandra.  Brocklehurst is one of the earliest villages in the region and is noted for the early Aboriginal history of the important Munga tribe; many artifacts and carved trees have been found in the area.
Terramungamine Reserve is just to the west of Brocklehurst.
Terramungamine Reserve is a reserve for public recreation and the preservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage and a  dedicated Aboriginal burial ground known as the Tubbagah Aboriginal Burial Ground - Terramungamine  Rock Grooves.
Click to view Terramungamine Reserve and Terramungamine Rock Grooves.
Out the Obley Road towards Yeoval
Toongi is located about 20 km south of Dubbo on the Obley Road.
Here you will discover a unique Quilt Shop -
Toongi's Little Quilt Shop, 15R Toongi Rd, Toongi NSW 2830, phone(02) 6887 7272
Website coming soon -http://toongiquilts.com/
At the junction of the Newell Highway & Tomingley/Narromine Road
Cross Road Hotel, Tomingley Central West NSW
On the Mitchell Highway heading to Geurie and Wellington.
Wongarbon is located 13 km from Dubbo on the Mitchell Highway.
The original village was named Murrumbidgerie Run, and was the earliest white settlement in the Dubbo district.
Sometime between 1880-1886 it was moved to its present site by the railway line and Murrumbidgerie Village was proclaimed on October 20, 1888.
On July 1, 1908, it was officially re-named Wongarbon after an Aboriginal tribe native to the district.
The area surrounding Wongarbon has rich red soils very suitable for agriculture, fat lambs and Kurrajong trees.
The two metre tall bronze statue of cricketing great Glenn McGrath - created by Brett Garling for the Narromine Shire Council
Located in the village is local artist, Brett Garling, who creates figurative sculptures cast in bronze.

Known for his stunning landscapes and elaborate bronze sculptures, his works are highly sought after by investors and private collectors world-wide. You are welcome to experience the gallery and gardens and see first hand how a sculpture is created and cast in bronze in Brett's studio.
The Gallery is located in the historic Western Stores Buildings, Wongarbon, just 13 kilometres from Dubbo on the Mitchell Highway.
Garling Gallery
32 Railway Street, Wongarbon, NSW 2830
Phone  02 6887 8518
Website:  http://www.garlinggallery.com.au
The two metre tall bronze statue of cricketing great Glenn McGrath - created by Brett Garling for the Narromine Shire Council
The quaint village of Tomingley is adjacent to the entry of Goobang National Park. which offers some fantastic 4WD tracks and scenic bushwalking tracks set amongst 42,000ha. Camping grounds, basic facilities and picnic areas are also available.

Tomingley Picnic Races are held in April.
Tomingley Cross Roads Hotel offers quality meals and country hospitality but NO accommodation.
Tomingley Cross Roads Hotel - Quiet country hotel specialising in country hospitality and quality meals. No Accommodation.
Dunedoo Central West NSW
Wellington Central West NSW
Geurie Central West NSW
Gilgandra Central West NSW
Narromine Central West NSW
Brocklehurst Central West NSW
Eumungerie Central West NSW
Terramungamine Reserve  Central West NSW
Wongarbon Central West NSW
Tomingley Central West NSW
Ballimore Central West NSW
Elong Elong Central West NSW
Toongi Central West NSW
In the 19th century, to the south of Dubbo  there were a number of very large properties known as 'Runs'.
The majority  of the homesteads on these historic 'runs' no longer exist.
The small centres of Cumboogle, Toongi, The Springs and Terrabella have survived, consisting mainly of a hall, church, school, or sporting ground.
Cumboogle - an Aboriginal name meaning "a kind of manna on gum leaves OR sweet scented gum".
Being just a leisurely distance to Dubbo this area now largely consists of small acreage subdivisions.
Terrabella - Duncan McKillop built Terra Bella homestead with Macquarie sandstone walls 70 cm thick - the sandstone sourced from a quarry about two miles away on the northern side of the Macquarie river.  It is one of the finest dwellings in the Dubbo region
The Springs - A delightful old timber homestead consisting of10 rooms - a wide hall, drawing room, parlour, dining room, bedrooms and office - built C 1857.

It was first considered to use the "The Springs" homestead for the filming of “Outback House” - "Oxley Downs" -  a living history TV programme presented on Australian Television in June/July 2005 with 21st century people selected to live in the style of 1861 for a period of 3 months.  However it was realized that it would be cheaper to rebuild the set on the property rather than alter the existing buildings and then have to restore them after filming.
Oxley Downs - Outback House
To the west of Dubbo are numerous small rural centres such as Dickygundi, Minore, and Whylandra Crossing.
With better road, bridges and faster transport arriving these small communities did not develop beyond a hall, church, school, and sporting ground.
Out the Mitchell Highway towards Narromine
Gilgandra Central West NSW
Gilgandra is the gateway to the spectacular Warrumbungle Mountains
- Central West  NSW Australia
Narromine Central West NSW
Narromine is an Agricultural town renowned for its "thermals" and excellent gliding conditions...
Macquarie River Activities and Dubbo's Parks and Reserves.
Macquarie River Activities - Dubbo Parks & Reserves
Canoeing, Kayaking, Cycling, Walking.  Picnics, BBQ's, Boating, Swimming, Fishing.
Birdwatching, Bushwalking, Native birds, animals and flora.
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